Our Story


    Heli and Ruchi fell in love with the glamour and beauty of South Asian clothing at an early age. They were always waiting for the next wedding or event to come around so they would have an excuse to rock that brand new sari or lehenga. Every time they slipped into one of these outfits, they transformed into more confident and beautiful versions of themselves. It also kept them connected to and proud of their heritage.


    However, there was one major problem, South Asian clothing was so difficult to get a hold of!
    Growing up, they had two options:
    #1 Travel across continents to shop directly in India.
    #2 Shop at the nearest Indian clothing store, which often had an outdated & overpriced collection.

    Heli and Ruchi wondered how it was possible that nobody had figured out a fast, convenient and affordable way to get access to fashionable Indian clothing. One day, when discussing this exact problem with to a friend, the answer came to Heli as she said "I wish there was a way for me to just rent these outfits!"


    With that thought in her head, she convinced Ruchi to help her bring her idea to life and they got to work. They made cold calls and set up meetings with designers all around the globe. During this process they discovered a whole new world of fashion designers previously unknown to them. These designers were women who were hardworking and motivated. Above all, they had fresh and creative ideas but they simply lacked a platform for their talent. Heli and Ruchi were so awestruck and inspired by these undiscovered gems that introducing these designers to a larger audience became a core part of BTB’s mission.


    With the enthusiastic support of these designers and the invaluable encouragement from friends and family, Heli and Ruchi formed Borrow the Bazaar. Bit by bit, they learned everything from coding to videography to make their business come to life. Today, they are proud that their hustle has created an opportunity to have more women feel transformed through South Asian clothing.